Best answer: What is the name of a warp knit that looks like lace?

Raschel lace (a common type of machine made lace) is a warp knit fabric but using many more guide-bars (12+) than the usual machines which mostly have three or four bars.

What are the 2 main categories of warp knits?

The two types of warp knitting are raschel, made with latch needles, and tricot, using bearded needles.

What are the two types of filling knits?

Knit fabrics can generally be stretched to a greater degree than woven types. The two basic types of knits are the weft, or filling knits—including plain, rib, purl, pattern, and double knits—and the warp knits—including tricot, raschel, and milanese.

What is Rachel fabric?


A FABRIC MADE BY RASCHEL KNITTING. Tricot is characterized by fine, vertical wales on the surface and crosswise ribs on the back. It has good draping qualities and is frequently used for lingerie and as backing for laminated fabric.

Why are gray goods cleaned before finishing?

The sizing added to the warp yarn is removed. All gray goods must undergo cleaning to be made ready to accept any finish. Warp sizing, dirt, and all are removed by a washing process. … Is the use of cellulose enzyme treatment to remove surface fuzz from spun yarns of cellulose or cellulose blends.

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