How do you make a buttonhole with a sewing machine?

Which button has plastic or metal loop attached to the bottom side?

Instead of having holes, there’s a loop on the underside that’s typically made of plastic or metal, and you use it to attach the button to the garment. Sewing on a shank button is pretty similar to sewing on a flat button, so don’t fear the shank.

How do you fix a buttonhole by hand?

To resew a buttonhole by hand, start at the good end of the buttonhole. Sew over stitches that are still there. Knot the thread and push the needle from the wrong side of the buttonhole through the stitches. Push the needle down through the buttonhole and up through the material near the end of the buttonhole.

Do I need a special foot to sew a buttonhole?

Most newer sewing machines have automatic buttonhole features, or special attachments or feet that do most of the work for you. But you don’t NEED a special feature or attachment to make a buttonhole on your sewing machine.

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