How do you make curtain rings with clips?

How far apart should curtain ring clips be?

I like to space ring clips approximately four inches apart so that there is a handsome fold between each clip in the drapery panel. Start by clipping each end of the panel. Next, clip the middle. Finally, space the clips evenly apart as close to 4 inches as possible.

How do you keep curtain pleats in place?

Arrange the pleats neatly in folds and then use a steamer (or an iron that produces steam) to apply continuous steam to the lining to help set the folds. Leave your drapes hanging for a few days and then re-fold the pleats and steam the other side for the best results.

What type of curtains use rings?

The best curtain ring clips work with flat panels, but they also work with rod pocket curtains. Attach the clips to the top edge of the panel by flattening the pocket.

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