Is Mosaic brands Australian owned?

Mosaic Brands Limited, formerly Noni B Limited, is a locally owned public company, deriving revenue from women’s apparel and accessories retailing. The company employs approximately 6,480 people, operate throughout Australia, and is administered by its head office in Rosebery, New South Wales.

Is Mosaic a brand in Australia?

Mosaic Brands is the largest speciality fashion retail group in Australia. It owns well-known fashion brands Noni B, Autograph, BeMe, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Rivers, Rockmans and W. Lane and operates about 1210 stores nationally.

Who is the CEO of Mosaic brands?

Is Miller’s closing down?

The retail group that owns Noni B, Katies, Millers and Rivers is closing a further 250 stores by mid-2021, blaming shopping centre landlords for not providing enough rent relief as it struggles with the impact of COVID-19. … The Victorian stores represent 18 per cent of Mosaic’s retail portfolio.

Why is rockmans closing?

The group announced in October it had closed 73 stores in response to “unrealistic rental requests and a permanent shift towards online purchases”, saying it would potentially close up to 500 of its 1300-plus store portfolio nationally over the next year or two.

What happened to rockmans?

The company that owns iconic brands including Rockmans, Noni B, Millers and Rivers has decided to suspend all store operations starting tomorrow. … “Mosaic’s online operations will continue through this period and customers will be able to purchase from all the Group’s nine brand websites.”

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