Quick Answer: How do you stabilize shoulder seams?

What can I use for knit fabric on shoulder seams to prevent stretching?

Stabilise the shoulders

Try stay tape, a strip of knit interfacing, twill tape, clear elastic, or even the selvedges from some medium weight woven fabric. Cut two pieces of ribbon (or your chosen stabiliser) slightly longer than the shoulder seams.

Where should seams be on shoulder?

For a proper fit, seams should lay straight along the top of your shoulder with no pulls or wrinkles, front or back. The garment should feel, as well as look, comfortable. Remember that not every shoulder seam ends at the same point on the body.

Does Stay need tape?

Mostly used for necklines, armholes and shoulder seams, stay tape is so useful. Usually it is enough to hold the seam length permanently but some of this will depend on placement of seam tape. … But it is easy enough to make and you can alter the width, tape and thread weight, according to your needs.

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