What is a Lamm in weaving?

Lamm Horizontal wooden rods below the shafts that attach the treadles to the shafts. On countermarch looms like mine, there are two sets of lamms — upper lamms and lower lamms.

What is a shaft in a loom?

Shaft/Harness: The shaft or harness is the frame of the loom that holds the warp threads. These shafts can be moved up or down by “treadles” to allow the weft to cross through and create the desired pattern. … The warp is threaded through the eye of the heddle and there are as many heddles as there are warp threads.

What is the difference between a counterbalance and a Countermarch loom?

The difference between the two loom types is in the way this happens. On a counterbalance loom, the shafts are connected to each other via pulleys or jacks above the shafts. … On a countermarch loom, every treadle is connected to a lamm below the shafts.

How does a Jack loom work?

A jack is the part of the loom which is attached on a pivot and is used to raise a shaft. There are usually two jacks for each shaft. When you press on a treadle, the jack pivots, one end going down and the other up, raising a shaft. Shafts only move up and so a jack loom is sometimes called a rising shed loom.

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Is a jack loom a rising shed loom?

Counter-balance looms are known as sinking shed looms. … On a Jack style loom or rising shed loom, whatever you tie to a treadle moves up while the other shafts just stay down at the bottom. And then there is the counter-marche loom that has two sets of lamms and you have to tie up both parts of the warp….

What does loom mean in English?

loomed; looming; looms. Definition of loom (Entry 2 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to come into sight in enlarged or distorted and indistinct form often as a result of atmospheric conditions Storm clouds loomed on the horizon. 2a : to appear in an impressively great or exaggerated form deficits loomed large.

What kind of loom should I buy?

A floor loom should be your choice if you have enough space. It is heavier and stronger, works much faster than a table loom, offers more possibilities and gives a better shed because of its greater depth. Among floor looms some are light and can be folded (Jack types), others are heavier and take more space.

How much does a floor loom cost?

Price may be a major consideration when deciding which loom to purchase. Small looms start around $130 and large floor looms can cost over $4,400.

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