What is a mystery knit along?

A Knit ALong (KAL) is where a bunch of people knit the same project during a specific time frame. If it’s a mystery KAL it’s a knit-along where you don’t know at the beginning of the KAL how the end product looks like. … In the summer, Stephen West’s MKAL has already been announced and you had enough time to prepare.

How does a knit along work?

A knit along is a an event where knitters gather in person or virtually to start and finish the same project together. This is a great way to encourage them to finish said garment and ask / answer questions along the way. The rise of the Knit Alongs is evident all throughout social networks now.

What does MKAL mean in knitting?

What is a Mystery Knit Along (abbreviated to MKAL) and is it really a mystery? First let’s start with what is a Knit Along. A Knit Along is when a group a knitters choose to knit the same pattern or designers patterns at the same time for a specified amount of time. (Typically a month).

What is a MKAL?

MKAL stands for Mystery Knit A Long! Knit Alongs (KALs) are fun, social activity in which a group of knitters all make the same project in a specified timeframe. … A section of the pattern (clue) is released each week, and at the end of the Knit Along, the final design is revealed.

How do you host a knitting party?

5 Tips for Hosting a Digital Knitting Party

  1. Know Your Platform. My biggest suggestion is to verify the platform you’ll be using to chat ahead of time. …
  2. Know Your Time Zones. …
  3. Pick Your Project. …
  4. Bring a Beverage. …
  5. Spread the Love.
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What is MKAL table in SAP?

MKAL is a standard Basic Data Transparent Table in SAP PP application, which stores Production Versions of Material data. … You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

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