What is the instep when knitting a sock?

Gusset/Instep: This is the part of the sock that runs from the heel into the main part of the foot. It can normally be seen as a triangular shaped area where shaping either side of the foot decreases the number of stitches after a heel flap.

What are the different parts of a sock called?

Whether socks are designed for function or fashion, most socks share the same basic components: the top or welt, leg, heel, foot, and toe. Each component can be altered or enhanced to meet end-use specifications.

What is the sole of a sock?

Foot/Sole. The foot is the part of the sock that covers your foot. It’s the top of the sock from the instep to the toe and the bottom of the sock from the heel to the toe. And if you really want to break down this part of the sock, the sole is the bottom that runs the length of your foot.

What is meaning of worsted socks?

noun A variety of woolen yarn or thread, spun from long-staple wool which has been combed, and in the spinning is twisted harder than is usual. It is knitted or woven into stockings, carpets, etc. … Consisting of worsted; made of worsted yarn: as, worsted stockings.

Do socks have soles?

SoleSocks were designed to take the wear and tear that occurs each day on your feet. … SoleSocks are designed in a way to offer a little more cushion and comfort on the bottom of your foot. At the same time we designed it in a way to make sure it wasn’t to bulky to cause the shoe too become tight and uncomfortable.

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What is kitting on socks?

It just means your design is woven directly into the sock, rather than printed or emblazoned. Dye sublimated – This is what you want for “wilder” designs, i.e. irregular shapes, images, or any design not easily knitted into the body of the sock.

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