You asked: What kind of yarn do you use to tie a quilt?

If you are going to tie a quilt that will be used and washed frequently, I would recommend using wool yarn. It’s a bit more expensive and harder to come by. However, the great thing about wool yard is that unlike acrylic yarn, the knots get tighter the more you use and wash the quilt.

What kind of needle do you use to tie a quilt with yarn?

Quilters who select knitting yarn for the knots may use a curved tapestry needle. The eye is large enough to accommodate the thick yarn. The curve of the needle makes it easier to work the quilt from one side without the need to turn the quilt back and forth.

How far apart should you tie a quilt?

How far apart should you tie a quilt? The distance you should leave between your knots depends on the type of batting you’re using. This distance is usually indicated on your batting’s label, so pay close attention to that during purchase. However, when in doubt, work with 4 to 5 inches.

How many strands of embroidery floss should I use to tie a quilt?

Using embroidery floss gives you the ability to choose from, literally, any color you can imagine. You can also choose how many strands from the floss you want to use for your knots. So if you want a tiny delicate knot, you could use 2-3 strands instead of the full six strands.

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