Can you sew sheet protectors?

With a sheet protector and thread, they are very easy to sew. Start by gathering the material that you want to put in your pocket pages. … Next, sew over the lines. I added a piece of tape on the bottom of my presser foot to prevent the page from sticking.

What can I do with page protectors?

Ways You Can Use Page Protectors To Organize

  1. Clip them all together with a magnetic clip and hang on the fridge, rotating the order occasionally to spotlight a new piece.
  2. Keep in a binder.
  3. Hang page protectors on a bulletin board and simply slide out old artwork and slide new art in whenever it comes home from school.

Can you seal a sheet protector?

Plastic pockets, such as sheet protectors, photo sleeves and card collection binder sheets, can be filled with photos, glitter, keepsakes, charms, dried flower petals, etc. If you want to seal the pocket, all you need is a glue gun.

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