Frequent question: What characteristics do fancy yarns add to the resulting fabric?

Fancy yarns are made with a distinctive irregular profile which is different from basic single and folded yarns. This profile enhances the visual and textural properties of the fabric.

What is your idea about fancy textile yarn?

A fancy yarn is made with a distinctive irregular profile or a construction that differs from the basic single and folded yarns, the objective is to enhance the aesthetics of the end product. The fancy yarn gives a fancy touch to the fabrics to a broad range of end uses.

What do you mean by fancy yarn?

Definition of fancy yarn

A yarn that differs from the normal construction of single and folded yarns by way of deliberately produced irregularities related to an increased input of one or more of its components or the inclusion of periodic effects such as knots, loops, curls, slubs, etc.

What are the methods of producing fancy yarns?

These types of yarns are used for imparting special effects in the application areas like denim, formal wear, knitted and home textiles.

  • Ring spinning yarn triangle.
  • Compact spinning yarn triangle.
  • Multi twist yarn.
  • Slub yarn.
  • Multi effect yarn.
  • Multi count yarn.
  • ELI twist spinning.
  • Siro spinning.

What is simple yarn?

A yarn which is smooth and uniform and evenly twisted is called a simple yarn. It is commonly used for making fabric like poplin and cambric. Simple yarns are further classified into three types. A simple single yarn is an assemblage of fibres evenly twisted together.

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What is corkscrew yarn?

The appearance of corkscrew or spiral yarns is achieved by using yarns of two different fibers and often twisting one under a different tension than the other.

What is Knop yarn?

: a ply yarn with knops that is often made by twisting one ply faster than another.

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