How do I make a fabric lunch bag?

How do you make a good lunch bag?

Foods to put in a lunch box

  1. Fresh fruit.
  2. Crunchy vegetables.
  3. A meat or protein food such as slices of lean meat, hardboiled egg, peanut butter or nut paste*
  4. Dairy food such as a cheese stick or slice, grated cheese, milk or yoghurt.
  5. Starchy food such as bread, a roll, pita or flat bread, fruit bread or crackers.
  6. Water.

What material is best for a lunch box?

Stainless steel is the best material for non toxic lunch containers and the best option to use for your child’s drink as well.

How do you make a lunchbox on scratch?


  1. Pour the orange juice into a highball glass first.
  2. Next pour the beer.
  3. Then pour the amaretto.
  4. Finally, pour the Southern Comfort.
  5. Alternately, you can put the Southern Comfort in a shot glass and drop it down in.
  6. Give it a quick stir.
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