How should I organize my scrapbook?

Chronologically. One of the most obvious ways to scrapbook is chronologically. Start the day your child is born and just scrapbook their life as it happens. This is a great way to organize a scrapbook and works perfectly for people who like things a specific way.

How do I organize my scrapbook workspace?

Hide it: To keep the scrapbook room looking beautiful despite storage bins and half-completed projects strewn around the room, organize everything beneath closed doors. Have a drawer or cabinet for everything to keep your supplies out of site. Another idea is to use under-table space for organized storage.

How do I organize my embellishments?

General Storage for a Variety of Small Embellishments

  1. Embellishment Boxes.
  2. Glass or Plastic Jars.
  3. Small Zip-Style Baggies.
  4. Empty Film Canisters.
  5. Spice Jars on Spice Racks – revolving, magnetic, or wall-mounted.
  6. Multi-Drawer Chest.
  7. Photo Storage Box.
  8. Tackle Box or a Travel System.

How do you declutter scrapbook supplies?

Tips for Decluttering Craft Supplies

  1. Most unfinished projects were donated or completed, but mostly donated.
  2. Return them. If you purchased the supplies recently and have a receipt, return them. …
  3. Sell them. If you have a lot of supplies, you may want to try this. …
  4. Donate them. This is my preferred method! …
  5. Old Projects.
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