Is crochet filet easy?

Filet crochet is an easy technique that can have stunning results. … The mesh is made using double crochet stitches (the solid blocks) separated by spaces (the open blocks). The blocks can be made using 3dc or 4 dc stitches, depending on the version of filet crochet that you’re working.

How do you show filet in crochet?

Filet crochet patterns show most clearly against a dark background. A filet crochet doily or design makes a classically elegant wall hanging when you mount it on a dark, padded background and frame it under glass. You can purchase filet wall hangings mounted this way, or mount them yourself.

How do I increase filet in crochet?

To increase one block at the beginning of a row in filet crochet, you create two double crochet stitches for the top of the increase block. To increase additional blocks, you follow the same steps as for one block. The only difference is how many additional chain stitches you make for the additional blocks.

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