What does C1 over 2 left mean in knitting?

About. The 1 over 2 left cross is a three-stitch cable where there is one column of one knit stitch and one column of two knit stitches. The right knit stitch crosses over the column of two knit stitches, creating a cable that slants upwards and to the left.

What does C1 mean in knitting?

C1/C2/C3: colour one/two/three. C3F: slip 2 stitches onto cable needle, hold at front of work, K1, K2 from cable needle. C3B: slip 2 stitches onto cable needle, hold at back of work, K1, K2 from cable needle.

What does 2 1 LPC mean in knitting?

2/1 LPC. (2/1 Left Purl Cross): Slip next 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold at front of work; k1, then p2 from cable needle. 2/1 RPC.

What does 2 1 RPC mean in knitting?

2/1 RPC: Slip 1 st to CN and hold in back, K2, then P1 from CN.

What is C2L in knitting?

Left-leaning mini-cable (C2L): slip 2 stitches knitwise, one by one, insert LH needle from right to left, … knit each stitch.

Can you purl backwards?

But, when you can work your stitches backwards you will never have to work from the wrong side. This means you can actually follow your chart exactly as it’s drawn on every row. … Luckily, working the purl stitch backward isn’t any harder than the knit one.

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