What does tension mean in crochet?

Crochet tension is the number of stitches and rows, using a particular stitch or stitch pattern, in a defined square of crochet fabric, usually 10x10cm (4x4in). It is determined by the size of hook and yarn you are using, and can even be influenced by the way you are sitting, or by your mood.

Does tension matter crochet?

Why does crochet tension or gauge matter? If your crochet tension is tighter than the design this means the holes are smaller and the fabric is stiffer and not as soft. This can be fixed by using a larger crochet hook to make the holes bigger, and the fabric more flowing and softer.

What does tension mean in yarn?

Tension is the number of stitches and rows measured over 10cms. A knitted garment is designed by a mathematical calculation or grading based on this initial tension, so if you are knitting to a different tention to that stated in your pattern, then you will eventually produce a garment that is not sized correctly.

Why does my crochet curl up?

Stitches that are worked too tightly together result in a stiff fabric, which often causes the corners to curl in. … That just might loosen up the stitches and allow the piece to lie flat. If the corners begin to curl again, make sure you’re using the appropriately sized hook for the yarn you’re working with.

Do you cast off a tension Square?

Don’t cast off but instead break off the yarn and thread through the stitches, taking them off the needle. To count the stitches in your tension square, lay it down flat. … If you have too many stitches, your tension is tight and your garment will be smaller than stated.

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