What process is used to shape knit fabrics?

The float stitch is used when yarns of different colors knit in to create the design. Purl or Reverse: Forms a fabric that locks on both sides like a technical back of a basic knit fabric.

What type of knitting machine is used to create a garment knitted to shape?

Complete garment knitting can be achieved either on a circular knitting machine or a flat (V-bed) knitting machine. However, seamless circular knitting machines are different from seamless flat knitting machines in that circular machines such as the Santoni create only a single tubular type of garment.

What 2 basic methods are used to construct knitted fabrics?

The two basic methods of constructing knits are weft (or filling) knits and warp knits. Each method produces a variety of types of knit fabrics.

What is seamless knitting?

A unique process of circular knitting, done on either Santoni or Sangiacomo knitting machines. … Seamless knitting can transform yarn into complete garments in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional garment manufacturing, by minimizing the traditional labor-intensive steps of sutting and sewing.

What are the two method of knitting?

In knitting, there are two basic styles of technique: the English method and the German or Continental method. The only real difference lies in how the yarn is held. With the English method, the working yarn is held in the right hand; with the Continental method, it is held in the left.

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What is the example of knitting?

An example of knit is to use special needles and yarn to create a sweater. The definition of a knit is a piece of fabric or a garment that is made by joining together interconnecting loops of yarn or thread in rows of stitches. An example of a knit is a dress or sweater made of interconnecting loops of yarn.

What is the most important tool in knitting?

Yarn and knitting needles are by far the most important tools for any knitter, but you do need a couple more things if your knitting project is going to be successful.

What is course per inch?

The horizontal row of loops or stitches running across the width of a knitted fabric corresponding to course of a knitted fabric. Numbers of course in an inch in knitted fabric is called course per inch (CPI). On the other hand, the column of loops running lengthwise the fabric is known as wales.

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