Which wool pressing mat is best for quilting?

Should I put something under my wool pressing mat?

Yes you can! However, as wool is porous, steam can go through it so it could get damp below the mat if you use steam. As the wool absorbs the heat from the iron and radiates it back up, we recommend ironing without steam for best results.

Can you use steam on wool pressing mat?

Avoid steam cleaning your wool pressing mat.

That also includes using the steam setting on your iron for pressing. This is because steam will travel through the wool fibers and wet the fabric underneath, and over time it may cause your wool pressing mat to smell.

Are wool pressing mats worth the money?

Overall, using a wool pressing mat means a better, faster press. The other positive of the closely packed wool fibers is they hold your fabric in place while it it being pressed. This helps to maintain the fabric shape and avoid any stretching.

Can you cut a wool pressing mat?

It is 1/2” thick and 24” x 72”. This covered my big board with enough left over for the pressing station beside my machine. I cut the mat with a 60mm rotary cutter.

Do all wool pressing mats smell?

Because the Wool Pressing Mat is made of 100% New Zealand wool, it absorbs the heat from the iron and “reflects” it back to the fabric. … I liked that I could use a lower setting on my iron and still get excellent results – all with no damp wool smell.

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How do you clean a wool pressing mat?

Washing Process

The best way to wash a wool pressing mat is by using your hand. Soak it into the water with a little detergent and wash it properly. Then hang it up to dry. It will take a longer time to get dry when soaking with water.

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