You asked: What are the major parts in the upper parts of the lock stitch sewing machine?

Sewing machines can be divided into two main parts. The upper part of a sewing machine has Bed, Arm and Head. The lower part of a sewing machine contains legs, Treadle, Dress guard, Belt Guide, Band wheel, Belt Shifter, Pitman rod and Band wheel crank.

What are the upper threading parts of the sewing machine?

Order of threading in the upper parts: 1. Spool pin 2. Thread Guide 3. Between metal disc of tension 4.

What do you call to the upper part of a lockstitch sewing machine?

the feed dog are the little teeth that move the fabric under the presser foot—not pressure foot—on the needle bar—which should always have a piece of fabric under it if you store it with the presser foot down.

What are the two major parts of sewing machine?

Parts of sewing machine and their functions: There are two major parts of the sewing machine. One is upper part and other is lower parts. The upper part contains of Head, Arm and Bed. The lower part contains of Band Wheel, Band Wheel Crank, Pitman Rod, Belt Guide, Belt Shifter, Dress Guard, Treadle, Legs.

What machine is used in making fancy stitches?

4. Embroidery Machine. This is used in making fancy stitches and in making different kinds of embroidery stitches on fabrics for the Barong Tagalog, pillow cases, linen, and other novelty items.

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