How do you make a beaded bracelet step by step?

How do you make a simple beaded bracelet?


  1. Prepare a Length of Stretch Cord. Cut a length of cord that is about 4 to 6 inches longer than your desired bracelet length. …
  2. String Beads on the Elastic Cord. …
  3. Knot the Stretch Bracelet. …
  4. Hide the Knot on a Stretch Bracelet. …
  5. Trim the Stretch Cord Ends. …
  6. Wear Your Stretch Bracelet.

What materials do you need to make a beaded bracelet?

Making beaded bracelets is another simple place to start. To make a flexible bracelet, you’ll need beads, beading wire, crimp beads and a clasp. However, if you’d like to start with a simpler project, there are also special types of bracelet findings that are thick wire cuffs with threaded balls on the ends.

What are the materials needed in making a macrame bracelet?

Common materials used in macrame include beading cords made of cotton or linen, hemp, leather, twisted nylon and yarn. In recent years, paracord has become another popular material. Beads, charms, links and other accents can be knotted in with the cord to create a wide variety of designs.

What string do you use for bead bracelets?

Silamide Nylon Thread is a good all-around nylon thread, popular for its range of colors. It is used primarily for bead weaving. Nymo Waxed Nylon Thread is another good all-around thread for bead weaving. It is lightly waxed, is easy to thread and resists twisting and knotting.

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