What is drywall L bead used for?

L-Bead is designed to cover raw edges of drywall at ceilings, windows and other finished interior components. Easy attachment is attained with nails, screws or staples to studs through bead flange.

What is a corner bead?

Corner bead is a material that is used on the corners of walls in drywall construction to make the corners crisp and professional looking. In addition to making area look neater, it also reinforces the corners, making them less prone to denting and other types of damage.

What is corner bead made of?

Traditionally, drywall corner bead is made out of metal. In particular, galvanized steel is the traditional material of choice for corner bead. It is light, and resists rust well.

Is there a difference between inside and outside corner bead?

NoCoat inside and outside corner beads are a laminated plastic / paper that hold a rigid straight shape. The outside corners are a direct replacement for metal corner bead. The inside corners are replacement for folded paper tape. Because the beads hold their shape they form crisp inside and outside corners.

Where do I need corner bead?

You can find corner bead for nearly every wall design. From standard 90-degree corners to archways and edges that don’t turn corners at all.

Can you use corner bead on ceiling?

You could use it, but not necessary unless your corners are very crooked. The corner bead you bought is for outside corners…. If you can read this, thank a teacher.

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