What Latin word means to weave fabricate or make?

What does the Latin word create mean?

“to bring into being,” early 15c., from Latin creatus, past participle of creare “to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, cause,” related to Ceres and to crescere “arise, be born, increase, grow,” from PIE root *ker- (2) “to grow.” De Vaan writes that the original meaning of creare “was ‘to make grow’, which …

What does the word weave mean?

verb (used without object), wove or, especially for 9, weaved; wo·ven or wove; weav·ing. to form or construct something, as fabric, by interlacing threads, yarns, strips, etc. to compose a connected whole by combining various elements or details.

What is the root word of spectator?

spectator (n.)

1580s, from Latin spectator “viewer, watcher,” from past participle stem of spectare “to view, watch” (see spectacle).

What is the meaning of the root word Pend?

-pend-, root. -pend- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “hang; be suspended or weighed. ” This meaning is found in such words as: append, appendage, appendix, compendium, depend, expend, impending, independent, pendant, pending, pendulous, pendulum, spend, stipend, suspend.

What is connect in Latin?

From Latin connectere (“fasten together”), from con- (“together”) +‎ nectere (“bind”).

What does weave out mean?

Move by twisting and turning or winding in and out, as in The motorcycle wove in and out of traffic, leaving us far behind. This expression is a redundancy, since weave literally means “intertwine strands of thread.”

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What is the meaning of weave a story?

If you weave details into a story or design, you include them, so that they are closely linked together or become an important part of the story or design. [written] She weaves imaginative elements into her poems. [

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