At what age do hedgehogs lose their quills?

As early as four weeks, the baby hedgehog’s spines may begin to fall out as new adult spines take their places. That process continues for the next six months or so until all of the baby spines are replaced with thicker adult spines, just like human baby teeth progressively fall out to make room for adult teeth.

How often do hedgehogs lose their quills?

Your hedgehog will start quilling around the sixth to eighth week. During natural quilling, your pet will lose about twenty quills per day, but this number will decrease with age.

Is it normal for hedgehogs to lose some quills?

The occasional loss of healthy quills is a normal part of the quilling process. The average hedgehog has approximately 5,000 spines and will replace about 90 percent of them during its lifetime. (Pet Product News). A veterinarian should address quill loss other than what is associated with the natural shedding process.

Why do two year old hedgehogs lose quills?

Premium Member. Stress can cause them to loose quills and it can be quite a large amount. The time frame is about right for him to be loosing quills due to stress.

How do you calm a Quilling hedgehog?

Some hedgehogs get nippy because they are sore and do not want to be touched. You can help your hedgehog through quilling by giving him an Aveeno bath. This will sooth the irritation caused by the new quills piercing the skin. Aveeno bath is a powdered oatmeal bath that is available in most grocery and drug stores.

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What happens if a hedgehog pricks you?

Hedgehogs can be dangerous because their quills can penetrate skin and have been known to spread a bacteria germ that can cause fever, stomach pain and a rash, the report said.

How can you tell how old a hedgehog is?

You can’t really tell the age of a hedgehog just by looking at it. Masks often fade when they get older, but some of them fade more than others so it isn’t a good way to tell.

Why do 3 year old hedgehogs lose quills?

If you see movement, your hedgehog probably has mites and needs to be seen and treated by your veterinarian. … Have your veterinarian rule out bacterial and fungal skin infections as well. Both can cause loss of quills.

Do hedgehogs spikes grow back?

Although Frankie narrowly avoided any life-threatening injuries, there’s no guarantee his spines will grow back. His recovery is likely to take up to eight months, during which time the cut spines need to shed so new ones can regrow in their place.

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