What are crochet motifs?

For crocheters, a motif can be a square or simply a stitch pattern that is repeated to create a larger design. We combine granny squares into a variety of other designs every day. A granny square is a good example of a motif.

How do you attach a crochet motif to fabric?

Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn or thread you are using for attachment. Pull the thread through the back of the work, toward the front, through the appliqué, leaving a knot of thread at the back of the work (which you can weave in later). Work carefully around the appliqué making neat, even sewing stitches.

How do you crochet a circle that lies flat?

Basic crochet pattern to make a flat circle

  1. Round 1: Make x sts into a magic ring and join with a ss. …
  2. Round 2: 2sts in each st around, join with a ss. …
  3. Round 3: *2sts in next st, 1st in next st; rep from * to end, join with a ss. …
  4. Round 4: *2sts in next st, 1st in each of next 2 sts st; rep from * to end, join with a ss.
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