What is the best way to store blankets and quilts?

What’s the best way to store extra blankets?

How to Store Blankets in the Living Room

  1. Use a Storage Ottoman. …
  2. Keep Them in a Wire or Wicker Basket Near the Couch. …
  3. Drape Them Over a Decorative Ladder. …
  4. Fold Your Blankets in a Storage Bench at the Foot of the Bed. …
  5. Place Them in a Classy-looking Hamper. …
  6. Slide Them Into Storage Boxes Under Your Bed. …
  7. Use Vacuum-Seal Bags.

How do you store a duvet when not in use?

If you wish to keep the original fresh colour of the bedding, make sure you store it in a cool and shady place with low humidity. If you do not have a vacuum-sealed bag, you can store your duvets and quilts in a linen bag, or by wrapping them in natural fibre cotton.

How do you keep bedding fresh in storage?

How to Store Comforters, Blankets, and Other Bedding

  1. Launder bedding accordingly.
  2. Allow fabric to breathe. Fabric should ‘breathe’ when in storage. …
  3. Avoid damp storage areas. Keep excess moisture away from bedding. …
  4. Maximize space by folding.
  5. Keep blankets fresh. Make a DIY odor absorber.

Why do blankets smell after storage?

If you’re concerned about the bedding becoming dusty in its storage place, you may be tempted to place the blankets and comforters in bags to keeping their surfaces free from dust or even cobwebs. But plastic bags trap moisture inside, which could make your favorite bedding musty or moldy over time.

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Can you put pillows in vacuum bags?

Bedding and pillows

When you use a vacuum-sealed bag, that big, fluffy comforter can now fit in a more efficient box rather than an oversized one. Your pillows and other bedding are perfect for this type of bag as well.

Can you store blankets in the attic?

While your attic may seem like a safe place to keep any sweaters and wool blankets until the winter rolls around, storing them in an attic might eventually render them unusable.

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